There are a few places around the Wellfleet area for you to enjoy internet access if you're willing to leave the comforts of your vacation home:

The Wellfleet Public Library has 8 high-speed internet computers & wireless access available to all - no library card necessary. 3 of the 8 are 15 minutes express stations with no signup (wait your turn). The others can be booked in person or by phone for a half hour.

There's a free wireless access connection at Mac's Seafood at the pier in Wellfleet:  265 Commercial St, Wellfleet  (508) 349-9611 / 349-0404
Customers of The Juice Restaurant can enjoy at 6 Commercial Street, Wellfleet, right in town. (508) 349-0535. Wireless access may be limited (to number of users or time of day?) last I recall.

There's free wireless access for customers of the Flying Fish Cafe & Deli, 29 Briar Lane in Wellfleet (508) 349-7292 / 349-3100 across the street from the original Box Lunch location (behind the center of town in Wellfleet). They may have limited power outlet facilities.

Another place is the Tiger Restaurant & Cafe which is part of Willy's Gym. It's a few miles down the road on Eastham. Here's the link: You don't need to be a member of the gym to get wireless internet access. Patrons in the cafe get free high-speed wireless internet access using your own laptop/wireless PDA or rent one of their laptops.

May you spend more time outside doing activities like real surfing while you are on vacation. There is plenty of time for web surfing when you're back home after vacation !

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Heres info for web access right from your vacation home!

The folks at vacation rentals scoured the web to find a FREE one-month trial offer of high speed internet for while you're on vacation in Wellfleet ! 

We suggest getting the software set up on your computer and tested before you travel. Read all about it below.

NetZero HiSpeed 3G is the next generation of dial-up Internet access. It accelerates your Web surfing experience using your existing dialup modem and the phone jack at your vacation rental home.

In fact, with 3G technology NetZero HiSpeed is the fastest surfing you can get without a broadband connection.  Many internet service providers don't offer broadband connections in remote areas of the Cape like Wellfleet.

FREE first month trial for high speed dialup internet access with local access numbers for Wellfleet (and other parts of the country). 

We think the best deal available is to ask them forthe "High Speed 3G service with 1st month free" and specifically ask for the version of the plan with no annual commitment and no early termination fee

Click here for the NetZero FREE month offer and sign up online on their website. 
When NetZero asks for how you heard about the service, be sure to mention
the following email address "".  Please only use our email address when you sign up, please don't send email at that address since we use other email addresses instead.
or call 1-800-NET-ZERO  /   (800) 638-9376  to sign up for internet access   
(for NetZero Tech Support & Cancellation call 866-841-1442)
As of the date of this memo, the rate for subsequent months for the no-annual-commitment service is $14.95/mo. 

NetZero offers other plans with lower rates but those plans require an annual commitment unless you pay fee if you terminate early, or limit the amount of hours and speed you can access.

Contact NetZero for latest information, pricing & terms. See system requirements on the NetZero website.

The following NetZero access numbers are non-toll if you are calling from Pretty Penny, Half Penny, or the Wellfleet Harbor cottage in Wellfleet, MA (508-349-xxxx). 
Access number            Modem speed            Location

(508) 214-4283            56k (V.90/V.92)          Wellfleet , MA

(508) 664-9705            56k (V.90)                   Wellfleet , MA

(774) 207-7005            56k (V.90)                   Orleans , MA

Note: Charges may apply for calls made from another location and/or to another access number besides the three listed above.  You are solely responsible for all telephone charges related to accessing NetZero services. You will not be reimbursed for any such charges, including long distance or toll charges.

NetZero Complete List of Access Numbers:
(if you want to try from your home or while you travel to other places)

Once you set up a username and password be sure to download the software at or pick up a CD at Radio Shack and tell them you are already a NetZero member.  We suggest getting your computer set up and tested before your trip.

We do not represent Net Zero and aren't responsible for their performance or lack thereof. We just think this seems like a pretty good deal.